Michele  Di Donato




They play, run and chase each other, laugh and have fun, observe and observe everything and everyone with eyes alert and interested, get it wrong and learn, look for other ways to play and other games to invent. Are the children that fill the real world and a parallel fantasy these photos of Michele Di Donato. The children, with their key ways and light relate with the reality, with their uncontrollable desire, and always alive to imagine and thus enrich their world of images that are always new, are at the bottom of the little essays which look, of healthy models of creativity to follow. Donato wants to remind us not to forget that children are not only the states, but you should continue to do so, at least occasionally, to overcome those barriers too high, and often insurmountable, that we close in a reality approved and reificata, deprived more and more of that spirit, curious, imaginative, and resourceful children are the eternal guardians.


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