Michele  Di Donato

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The image as an opportunity to reflect on the themes of a poetic vision where the reality, with tangible ties to that dream, and through the land and the peoples who inhabit the ancient Trinacria full of voices, of the traditional tableau vivant, the real scenarios of living stories buildings and non-migratory in front of his camera becomes the image. A world that is rich and full of nuances, one of which Michele Di Donato makes us sharers through FAUTOGRAPHIE, his first book of photographs, which will be presented to the 18 Thursday, January 31, 2019 in the Reading Room of the MACRO-Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (with him, there will be the curator of the volume, Fabiola May, the photographer Angelo Ferrillo and the journalist and writer Gaetano Savatteri) and subsequently, on 27 February 2019 at OFFICINE FOTOGRAFICHE di Milano.

"Of the imaginary and of imagination Michele Di Donato has always been his view. Its unique and inimitable “points of view” as well as his visual creativity – writes Fabiola of May – from the lens of the cameras are made to images, art. Forms that inevitably capture the viewer's gaze, casting him in a series of narratives that represent the thinking of its author, but at the same time they are mirrors in which each one of us is reflected or maybe he feels the glare. Photography by Donato has never only what we perceive, it materializes promptly a surplus, the outcome of all that an image suggests beyond the form. And therefore, where contact with reality seems to be less, that's a foothold, brings us firmly down to earth".

In all, 112 photographs, all black and white, who Donated has accomplished in the span of 6 years in Europe, leading him to find that sense of timelessness and disorientation even in places that are losing or have already forgotten their identity, the territories of the passage of which no one will care, empty fields are made of street lamps, benches, and squares in which the human becomes the same shape, it is only in transit.

The strong point of this book is the last work in order of time, that the author, sicilian by adoption, has called REM–Rapid Eye Movement, that is, the rapid movement that the eyes make during the phase of sleep in which the dreams invade the mind. In these images the contours of the real you fade away, you open a channel – all dreamlike – that directs us to the depths of a sea of the unconscious, where is only silence, where you knock down the barriers of rationality.

A photograph, its that visually translates this passage, continuous, taking the same aesthetic characteristics. For this reason, we are in front of juventus is particularly contrasted, “as if you were to enter the funnel that is the human mind”.

"Donato, you define a fautographo, a "photographer error". Falling in the error – emphasizes the curator of the volume – in fact, the photograph “explores the boundary and touches the boundary of the tort”. For this dare in a field that is risky, the fact of the error, the images generate the "mysterious entities that are expressed according to the times and in unexpected ways, crossing the limits of the medium and allude to other possible worlds". Donato, there is no doubt, is also a dreamer, and promoter of space. "When I shoot, I focus my attention on the emotions that the place tells me – says he – and this thought becomes the point of departure for a reflection on how man is able to customize a space that before had no identity, was anonymous".

In the case of Michele Di Donato, the clarity of his photographs, even when these seem to have nothing to do with the real because they represent the frame of his film the inner life, is related to a feedback positive, to a feeling of familiarity that, despite some lasting life, and the initial conquest, the observer receives and “shares”.

"We should try to foresee the exact moment Michele Di Donato take a photo of it. In that moment, if it were possible, " concludes Fabiola Of May – you would see in space, flows of images, such as ghosts, chase each other, collide, and settle in front of the lens. In that click decision-making, where it happens photography, Donato has just revealed a story: his, my, your, or maybe just to no one. His photographs, like the dreams without the title of Man Ray, they are there to remind us that the image, the true image, it has much more to do with all that there is showing and that someone can look at it is imagining".

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