Michele  Di Donato


Life in Nowhere Land


The desire to live in a place that there is is the utopia of human excellence. Photographically represented to Donato's, and it was certainly a profitable chance. To make visible this common ambition, the artist has chosen to photograph the movement, the path of subjects indistinguishable to a, where, elsewhere, perhaps, imprecise and unknown. An imaginary city, and however plausible, is home to the free movement of the figures, a bustle, specially moved and blurred, of people filming while they go from one point to another in the scene. The lack of clarity of the image, made with a balanced three-white-black-grey, is linked to the same “dynamic” of the imagination when we're still struggling with, namely the way in which we flow in front of the images while we can imagine to do one thing or live a certain scene, to free us from the constraints that keep us tied to or suffocate. Then from escaping, thinking of, living for more or less time in a no-man's land, that place dear where nothing can touch us and where we become essentially images hovering in front of it.

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