Michele  Di Donato




The night life of Michele di Donato, is a representation of the metaphysical, of the one part, and the abstract, on the other, where the light becomes effectively double trait: that of photography and that of the night. In the scenes of the Nightlife in the white and the black stand out, the one on the other rubandosi the background to the story. The two colors seem to almost be a struggle, but there is never a rout of a gradient, on the contrary, the image at night is as such, because they are both scene living out the one for the other and for one another. Each photograph expresses one or more sources of light: the glow of the moon, street lamps or neon road, headlights of a car, spotlights, showcases, lamps in the home. Each light plays a fundamental role in designing atmospheres and paintings of more or less real, and at times figurative, at other times surreal, others more geometric and abstract. With this portfolio Of Donato has thrown a new light on the perception of the night. It is not only the scenario where the lives of many people, but, by its very nature, has a life whose image you can portray in a heartbeat.

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