Michele  Di Donato


REM – Rapid Eye Movement


The world of dreams, a parallel universe to the reality which we all experience, populates these shots are absolutely subjective. Photos of REM are exactly the transcription iconic of what they produce eyes during sleep: images of uncontrolled that occupy the mind. In REM, each image is legitimate and has its own sense because not being aware of what will manifest, everything becomes possible and visible. It is one of those photographic projects that could continue indefinitely. Shadows, hallucinations, figures, memories, scattered, signs and symbols indistinct, scenes disconnected, cut in half, or oddly related, landscapes, pseudo-real, the lack of boundaries in space-time are the contents of the dreams of each of us, and their image is often only a feeling, intimate, silent and tied to the forms, usually a few, that we can remember. Starting from the premise that "in a dream, the main mechanism is the shift: a mental representation can replace another, or more meanings may converge in a unique," Donato has practically made to go in the REM stage the objective of the camera, allowing this to become an eye dreamy that records the contrasts and the irrationality of a state of mind. And the yield in the image is the one that characterizes the black and white photography: theatre and film, antithetical, contrasted, and more than ever, in this case, dream.


OLAFUR ARNALDS  "Happiness does not wait"

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