Michele  Di Donato


The Sicilian


Forms and dynamics from the past which are able to persist and to be still portrayed in the present: this is the red thread that unites and runs through the photographs in the series The Sicilians. Are a sharp picture of a strong identity until a few decades ago, but which today shows signs of an accident lability and the wrinkles of time gone by. The return Of the photographic Donato offers of Sicily and its villages (the square and the fountain at the center, the bar, church, commercial activities), of the sicilian, the proud expression, and the pleasure in showing the good dress, as well as the normal carrying out of daily activities) and of sicily (the feasting, the playing cards, the gaiety, the timeless religious sentiment, the intimate conversations from balcony to balcony), leads to reflect on how his anthropological representation, based only on the vision, is full of meanings, of that deep sense of culture that only an attentive observer is able to grasp at “a glance” and to convey to the public in the form of stories daily just like you managed to make Donated. The Sicilian there is everything you need to see the vestiges of a society that is changing permanently. A culture that is now a symbol of a time passed, ready to enter into the forms of memory.


   OLIVIA SELLERIO  "Ciuri di Strata"

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